Mattress Business Veteran Speaks Out About the Best Way To Purchase a Mattress Online

All of us understand how much money can be saved when buying things online and mattresses are no exception. In my 32 years in the bedding industry I have seen it all. Now it is happening online as well when shopping on the internet for a brand new mattress so here's my professional recommendations.

In the beginning make sure of the obvious, that the mattress shop has been around for some time online. Lots of times only locating them at the top of the Google organic search listings is a great sign they have been in the mattress business a while because it is an extremely competitive marketplace and they have clearly spent a considerable amount of time and money getting there and they're unlikely to give up all their hard work just to make a fast dollar. It's possible for you to look up and reach the "way back machine" and see the preceding variant of the business's mattress site you are considering buying from. If the place and toll free numbers are the same 5 years ago as they may be now, well that's an indication that is wonderful as well that they're trustworthy and great to do business with. I put little confidence in the BBB myself as I 've been tricked by stores who when a dispute filed the BBB gave an outstanding standing for and then would do nothing.

The huge "professional advice" I want to share about buying a mattress from the internet is that it's always best to locate a store who truly makes on site. The middleman markup in the bedding industry is enormous. Mattress factories generally have a considerably decreased overhead than a Big Box store and work on a markup that is much smaller but nonetheless make it up in volume. This is a win win scenario for cost conscious mattress buyers.

That brings me to the exchange process. Make a point that whatever mattress you buy can be easily repackaged and returned to the shipper at little price. Firms that offer roll packed or vacuum packed beds are always able to save you money on shipping but how the heck are you going to suck down a king size mattress and get it back into that tiny box it came in? Well you can not and the return trip can cost an arm and a leg on a typical freight business. The response to this is to find a bed that comes in assembles and sections inside a zippered cover. Several latex mattress shops offer this type of bed and all you need to do is locate the best one with the top discount. Once again though, make sure that you order direct from a real factory and not someone who maintains yet cannot validate their "factory direct" pricing arrangement.

Videos play a valuable role in online marketing and with mattresses it is even more crucial that you know exactly what you are getting because you can't try them out ahead of time when purchasing online. Mattresses are like a computer, it is what is inside that really matters. Once you know what parts you desire it simply becomes a cost comparison issue. A video explanation showing the interior parts of the mattress can be very precious when comparison shopping. I use these all the time to exemplify precisely what the customer can anticipate when their product is delivered.

When you can locate a company that satisfies all the criteria I Have summarized my top idea is, you can save a package when purchasing a new mattress online and not get conned by one day here next day gone mattress companies. I hope these mattress buying suggestions have helped and I just wanted to add one final thing: I have seen latex mattresses last for over 42 years. No other kind of mattress can promise that!

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